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Case Study – How Greg Wilkes Has Created Multiple £1m-£5m+ Companies, Experiencing The Highs & Lows Of The Construction Industry

Greg Wilkes has extensive experience in the construction industry. He is also a highly successful business owner, author, property developer and strategist. He has been through all the highs and lows of the industry, and now uses his expertise to make sure you can learn from his mistakes rather than your own.

Starting with a trade apprenticeship behind him, and at just 20 years of age, Greg started a business partnership offering loft conversions, and soon the orders began to grow. Greg was physically working ‘on the tools’ every day and trying to fit in the paperwork and sales quotations during the evenings, a dilemma you may recognise in your own business.

The answer was to hire a business advisor, who looked at everything they were doing with a fresh pair of eyes, and this was the best money they had ever spent. She advised that they were spending all their time ‘in’ the business rather than ‘on’ the business and suggested that one of them concentrate on sales and relationship building. So that’s what they did, Greg took over business development, and his partner looked after the construction side of things.

Over the coming years Greg has had many successes with multi-million-pound companies, and he made a few mistakes. He also learned that failure was just a part of growing, and that fear of failing leads to inactivity and stagnation. Fear of failure stops you making any progress.

It was at this time that Greg started researching new business strategies based on everything that had worked, and everything that hadn’t. This would eventually become his 7-step DEVELOP strategy which he decided to share with others in a similar situation. He has now coached many businesses that have gone on to win awards, and that have grown to revenues between £1m-£5m+.

Greg personally understands the problems you face, and he can help you to increase your sales and reduce your stress while becoming more profitable, and with a better work-life balance.

Read ‘Building your Future’, a step-by-step guide to creating a £1m-£5m+ construction business, and then contact Greg to see how he can become your construction coach and help you.

Greg Wilkes

" I understand your problem, I was once in the same position as you.

My business was expanding, but not at the rate I wanted it to. I was working all the hours under the sun but not achieving the results that I wanted to.

Have a look at my story where I share my strategies that helped me and many I have coached achieve an award-winning thriving construction business with revenues between £1m-£5m+

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