Are you a terrible leader - with Sondra Norris

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Are you a terrible leader - with Sondra Norris

Is your business struggling and you can’t figure out why? ???? Join us in this week’s episode as we chat with leadership expert Sondra Norris, who shares her secrets on how to become a better leader and truly inspire your team. ????✨ Discover the common pitfalls, the power of self-awareness, and practical tips to turn your leadership around. Don’t miss Sondra’s incredible stories and insights that can transform your business! ???????? Tune in now for an eye-opening conversation that could change the way you lead! ???????? Links: – Leadership Intention Guide

How to Scale a Team Rapidly in the Philippines - With Kody Thompson

In this insightful episode of our podcast, we sit down with Kody Thompson, founder of wrkpod, a company specialising in helping businesses scale by leveraging Filipino talent. We delve into the practicalities and advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines, discussing everything from cost benefits to the diverse skill sets available. Kody shares his personal journey from running a web development company to creating wrkpod, highlighting the strategic benefits of building teams overseas. Join us as we explore how businesses can expand quickly and cost-effectively by tapping into the global workforce, understand the cultural nuances of working with Filipino teams, and get practical advice on overcoming common outsourcing challenges. Whether you’re interested in enhancing your business’s capabilities or curious about the outsourcing process, this episode is packed with valuable insights. Links: – https://www.lightningsites.com/ – https://www.wrkpod.com/ – News Article

Prepare to Sell Your Business with Chris Dufey

In this podcast episode, Greg sits down with Chris Dufey, a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully navigated the complex journey of selling his construction business. Chris opens up about the challenges and triumphs of exiting his company for a significant profit and how this experience propelled him into starting a new venture. He delves into the critical steps required to prepare a business for sale, emphasizing the importance of alignment between personal life goals and business objectives. Chris provides listeners with invaluable advice on recognizing the right time to move on and how to smoothly transition to new opportunities. The conversation also covers strategies for maintaining balance between personal aspirations and business endeavors, focusing on key areas such as wealth, health, relationships, and wisdom. This episode offers a wealth of practical insights and inspirational stories for business owners contemplating selling their business or anyone looking to navigate life’s chapters with purpose and alignment. Links: https://www.chrisdufey.com/ https://open.spotify.com/show/7oxA2pHnZ3s2hPY60ZhVl7

5 Numbers to 5m with Gavin Smith the Profit Analyst

In this podcast, we discuss an in-depth conversation with Gavin Smith, an expert in financial management and analysis for construction businesses. The primary focus is on overcoming common financial hurdles such as cash flow issues and understanding profit and loss statements, aimed at enabling business owners to scale their operations effectively. Gavin Smith’s career spans over 20 years, initially in accounting and auditing with KPMG, followed by commercial finance roles in a global marketing agency, and finally as an entrepreneur in Australia, starting businesses in hospitality and Pilates studios. His unique approach combines technical accounting skills with practical business ownership experience, offering a distinctive perspective on financial management. We delve into the necessity for construction businesses to be proficient in managing their numbers, emphasising the importance of cash flow forecasting, profit understanding, and making strategic decisions based on financial insights. Gavin Smith outlines a three-part strategy focusing on simplifying financial data, knowing the crucial numbers to track, and effectively using this information to guide business decisions. He criticises the profit-first methodology for oversimplifying financial management and discouraging a deep understanding of financial statements. By presenting a simplified approach to financial analysis, including categorising expenses into five key areas and utilising ratios for performance benchmarking, Gavin advocates for empowering business owners with the knowledge and tools to use their financial data proactively. This approach aims to support business growth, strategic planning, and operational adjustments based on a thorough understanding of one’s financial position. Links: www.theprofitanalyst.com

Overcoming deep insecurities with Jaemin Frazer

In this podcast, we delve into the transformative journey of overcoming personal insecurities with Jaimen Frazer, founder of The Insecurity Project. Frazer, once a church pastor turned life coach, shares his profound insights into identifying and dismantling the deep-rooted insecurities that hold many back from their true potential. With a seven-step framework, he guides listeners through a pragmatic approach to not just manage, but solve insecurities that often stem from childhood narratives. This episode not only promises to uncover hidden fears but also offers actionable strategies to rewrite one’s story, leading to a life unhindered by doubt, fear, and insecurity. Frazer’s journey from discovering his own insecurities to developing a model for others to overcome theirs is not just inspirational but a testament to the solvable nature of what many assume to be a perpetual struggle. Get ready to explore the depths of personal transformation with an expert who’s devoted his life to empowering individuals to live their best, most secure lives. Links: Unhindered. The seven essential practices for overcoming insecurity. The insecurity test for life The insecurity test for business.

It's OK to quit and change direction - with Rodric Lenheart

In this podcast, we dive into the exciting world of entrepreneurship, where passion meets purpose, and building dreams is just as important as constructing homes. Today’s episode highlights the powerful stories of individuals who have reached impressive success in the construction industry and have also built lives filled with meaning and positive influence. Our first guest, Rodric Lenhart, embodies the spirit of entrepreneurial courage. Moving from the struggles of an unsatisfying job to starting and growing businesses that reflect his true values, Rodric’s story teaches us about following one’s passion with unwavering determination and vision. His work with custom home builders and his charity efforts show how business success can align with personal happiness and helping others. Next, we explore the story of Greg Wilkes, a man who bounced back from near business failure to create successful multimillion-pound companies. Greg’s journey reminds us that success isn’t just about making money but also about impacting lives and finding a good balance between work and life. Get ready to be inspired, learn, and get motivated as we look into stories of beating challenges, embracing change, and creating a legacy that goes beyond just business. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to build a life of purpose, wealth, and deep impact. Let’s get started. Links: milliondollarflipflops.com/book

Optimising Peak Performance with Jairek Robbins

In this episode, we’re thrilled to welcome Jairek Robbins, a master of personal development, whose accolades include a Congressional Award and features in Forbes and Success Magazine. Jairek, endorsed by luminaries like Brian Tracy for his impactful work, will share insights into achieving personal and professional excellence. We delve into the habits that distinguish the best in their fields, uncover the secrets behind effective business and personal relationship management, and discuss the intricacies of collaborating with a spouse or partner in business. This conversation is particularly relevant for those in the construction industry and beyond. Additionally, we’ll explore the financial insights from Tony Robbins’ new book, “The Holy Grail of Investing,” offering a glimpse into the strategies of someone with a net worth of over $600 million. With a focus on actionable advice and transformative wisdom, this episode is packed with content designed to inspire and inform. Join us for a journey into the minds of success drivers in personal development and investment. Let’s dive in. Learn more about him at www.jairekrobbins.com Links: – www.JairekRobbins.com – www.TheHolyGrailofInvesting.com – www.PerformanceCoachUniversity.com

How to get on a Framework Agreement- with Shamayne Harris

This podcast is about framework agreements in the construction industry and how they can be beneficial for businesses of various sizes. Host Greg Wilkes discusses with guest Shamayne Harris, head of procurement at Pagabo, the process, benefits, and strategies for construction companies to successfully apply for and manage framework agreements.

Using Your Brand to Gain a Competitor Advantage - with John Lenker

In this insightful interview, John Lanker, CEO of Linker and a Minnesota native, shares his expertise in growth and branding strategies for the construction industry. He discusses the importance of understanding competition, developing a unique value proposition, and the role of both digital and traditional marketing. This episode is a must-listen for construction businesses seeking to enhance their brand and market presence.

Lessons From An Olympic Gold Medalist- with Grace Prendergast

This podcast features Grace Prendergast, an Olympic gold medalist rower, discussing her transition to leadership and personal development. She covers the importance of routines, goal-setting, teamwork, and learning from failure, using her sports background to inspire and guide others in their professional and personal growth.

A Journey from Contractor to £20M Developer

This podcast features an interview with Charlie Fitzgibbon, who narrates his growth from a contractor to a developer leading a £20 million company. He talks about the challenges in construction, financial strategies, adapting to industry changes like COVID, and emphasizes innovation and sustainability. He offers advice to aspiring professionals on the importance of experience and adaptability.

Secrets To Finding Top Tradie Talent

Struggling to find decent tradies? Is the skill shortage holding you back from growing? This seems to be the #1 frustration in construction. In this episode our guest Matt DiBara dives into some strategies on how to find & attract a ton of candidates. Matt has some really unique and innovative ideas that will leave you feeling ready to go out & scale up! http://www.thecontractorconsultants.com/

Good to Great

Greg reviews a classic top selling business book by Jim Collins- Good to Great and shows how to apply the timeless principles into your construction business. Learn about the 7x key principles from leadership to hiring the right people. Just applying 1x of these strategies could make all the difference.

How Remote Assistance is Changing Construction

Can you imagine resolving every on site problem from a desk? Being able to look through the eyes of someone onsite & seeing exactly what they see. Big jumps in technology mean its now possible for your workers to wear special glasses & be remote monitored! Imagine how much time & money this could save you In this episode our guest Nils Hulth dives into why this technology will change construction in years to come.

From Firefighting to Fueling a £1M Electrical Company- The Journey of Dan James

Danny is a former firefighter who was determined to build a successful electrical, plumbing & heating company. Through modelling other local businesses to applying his own unique strategies, he has finally broken through the £1m barrier & has created a foundation to build an 8 figure business over the next few years. We dive into how he got his love back for the industry again and lessons he has learned along the way, particularly how he attracts top engineers to work for him.

The Essential LinkedIn Playbook with Louise Brogan

Louise Brogan is an expert LinkedIn marketer. We dive into 4x pillars that will drive your LinkedIn success and help you connect with more architects, engineers, facility managers & main contractors. Using these strategies will help you create meaningful connections, engage in relevant conversations with decision makers & ultimately increase your lead-flow.

Why you must use Video in your marketing

Video content is exploding in popularity. But many construction business owners hate being on camera, or can’t think of what content they should put out there. This episode will give you some ideas on how to make video content work for you & some practical steps to make it easier to produce.

Steps to Overcome Addiction Conrad Tracey

In this enlightening episode, we dive deep into the intricate world of addiction with Conrad Tracey. Many struggle to identify if they’re ensnared in the web of addiction, and Conrad sheds light on recognising those telltale signs.

How I overcome a £65m property portfolio collapse with Gavin Gallagher

Gavin is an expert property developer, architect & property coach. In his peak he created a 65million Euro global portfolio. Then it all went spectacularly wrong with Gavin at one point worth minus 16 million. Gavin bares all in this episode. But everyone loves a comeback story, so we dive into the mindset, discipline & resilience it took to get Gavin back on the top of his game.

Why a VA is essential to get you to 1m+

One of the biggest bottlenecks for a business owner is not having enough TIME That can be solved overnight by hiring a good VA. In this episode we discuss: -Why you need a VA -What can they do? -What to look for -Pro’s and con’s -How to hire

Stop Losing Clients After the Sale

You’ve signed someone up – Great! But there’s a few weeks to go until you actually start work. How can you avoid a client cancelling & changing their mind and requesting a deposit back? Here we dive into the importance on onboarding your clients the right way so they stay happy & excited even thought the works have not begun. If you’d like help growing your business join my private Facebook group – https://m.facebook.com/groups/constructiontradesaccelerator If you’d like to discuss fast-tracking your results, book in a free call – https://calendly.com/develop-coaching/10-minute-call

Are Coaches a Waste of Time?

Have you ever considered being trained or coached to grow your business? Is there some skill or attribute you’d like to improve? Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with a coach in the past you vowed never to do it again. In this episode we dive into what Greg’s experience has been like with coaches & how having a coach could be the missing link from getting you from A-B If you’d like help growing your business join my private Facebook group – https://m.facebook.com/groups/constructiontradesaccelerator If you’d like to discuss fast-tracking your results, book in a free call – https://calendly.com/develop-coaching/10-minute-call

How I Generated 43 Million Tiktok Views with Ashley Mackintosh

Fed up of seeing your video’s only get a few views. Imagine waking up to seeing 43 million! Ashley Mackintosh who runs an external cleaning company has been working on his YouTube and TikTok strategy for some time & has finally exploded online. Learn the secrets of how he did this & some top tips for you if you want to increase your social media video presence. https://www.aemackintosh-onlinetraining.com/collections If you’d like help growing your business join my private Facebook group – https://m.facebook.com/groups/constructiontradesaccelerator If you’d like to discuss fast-tracking your results, book in a free call – https://calendly.com/develop-coaching/10-minute-call

Should I Get ISO Certified with Andrew Foy

ISO certification can really enhance the opportunities you are able to tender for as a company. Some government departments insist on it before they allow you to tender. Is it really worth getting or just more pointless paperwork? Andrew Foy runs us through why ISO certification benefits your construction business. andrew@foycertification.com www.foycertification.com Downloads available at: Member Resources – Foy Certification Linked-in: (46) Andrew Foy, Construction’s GoTo Man for ISO | LinkedIn ISO readiness Scorecard: Are You Ready for ISO Certification Scorecard If you’d like help growing your business join my private Facebook group – https://m.facebook.com/groups/constructiontradesaccelerator If you’d like to discuss fast-tracking your results, book in a free call – https://calendly.com/develop-coaching/10-minute-call

Harnessing Hidden Talent: The Case for Internal Hiring

In this episode we dive into the case for hiring management- project managers, contracts managers, buyers etc from within your own company. We’ll look at the some of the main reasons why a business owner might be hesitant & how to overcome that We’ll also analyse why its such a good decision & some of the benefits. If you’d like to grab a ticket to our upcoming LIVE in person event West London Fri 30th June 2023 , get your ticket here whilst available- https://www.developcoaching.co.uk/build-your-future-event/

Building Wealth With Bricks- A Property Portfolio Journey with Danielle Bell

Most builders dream of starting property development businesses. With the skillset those in construction have, it seems like a no-brainer. But how do you get started, and what route should you take as there are so many property options? We’ll be diving into all of the strategies from straight forward buy-to-let to more advanced rent-to-rent, commercial deals & lots lots more. Danielle Bell is an expert in all things property & we’ll be discussing how to find, secure & finance deals.

AI Unleashed - The Future of Construction Marketing

Marketing has changed & if you are still clinging to old methods, you’ll be left behind. AI is starting to revolutionise how we think about marketing & our social media content. Learn how AI can help you find & attract your ideal clients, and transform your marketing strategy.

Resilience Unleashed- Sebastian Bates Journey to a Global Brand

Huge business lessons to be learned from my guest this week. Although not in construction you’ll see how applying resilience, good habits, purpose & passion can create a global brand.

Top Mistakes Construction Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them with Jason Graystone

Here we look at the 3x big mistakes construction business owners make & some of the keys for overcoming them. Also news about a special event that’s going to help you transform your business.

New Rules of Marketing with David Meerman Scott

David is an absolute legend when it comes to marketing He’s authored 12 books and spoken on stage all around the world.He often shares the stage with the likes of Tony Robbins. This episode is a real insight on the best performing marketing strategies right now. What’s working & how can you leverage it for your business. https://www.davidmeermanscott.com/ http://www.newsjacking.com/

Building a Strong Construction Team: Tips for Successful Recruiting with Gaelle Blake

Here we discuss – How to get your passion back for construction – Why company culture is so important – How to encourage young people into construction – How far in advance your recruitment plan should be – What happens if someone leaves? – Why a diverse team brings huge benefits

How to come back from failure

I’ve failed in business. It’s painful, depressing & demoralising. But some of the best lessons I’ve ever learned are from my failures. In this episode we discuss the story behind Greg’s business failure & how that led him to creating multiple 7 figures businesses. If you’d like to attend the LIVE in person event on 30th June 2023- West London Grab your ticket here- https://www.developcoaching.co.uk/build-your-future-event/

Profit First with Specialist Dan Edwards

In this weeks podcast we will be going into depth about Profit First, what it is, what it means and how we can transform your business profits! We will be speaking with Dan Edwards, one of the UK 15 Profit specialists!

Earn Additional Revenue Streams with UK Fire Door Training

Many in the construction industry are looking to grow their businesses and create for themselves new and different revenue streams! This we will be speaking with UK Fire Door Training, and we will learn how we, just like many have don’t just that!

The Wealth Mentor with Jackson Millan

As construction business owners, I’m sure we are all thinking about the new year and what we will achieve, one big thing we want to achieve this year is of course, more money, more profit and attain that better lifestyle we are creating. We have a fantastic guest on this week, Jackson Millan is a Wealth Mentor and can share with us how we can create for ourselves a pathway to that better lifestyle!

UK Tax Changes for 2023 with Tim Charles

With the ever changing circumstances of the world today, many do not understand the new tax implications. In this episode of the Develop your Construction Business Podcast, we will be speaking with Tim Charles as he explains the changes for 2023! This one, you won’t want to miss!

Nurturing Your Leads

Nurturing your clients is very important! All too often in the construction industry the focus is mostly on the beginning or the end, getting the leads and then finishing the job! But taking care of those clients during the middle is equally as important! They come in as cold leads, but how do we warm them up in this middle process….

Growing a £140m plumbing company with Charlie Mullins

On this weeks episode we have a very special guest, Charlie Mullins, the founder of Pimlico Plumbers, London’s largest independent plumbing company, will talk with us about his story from rags to riches in the hard industry of construction! We will go into the mindset and tactic that Charlie has put together to create what is now the UKs largest plumbing company!

Mental Health and Construction Sports with Steven Kerslake

Mental Health is a serious problem in the construction industry. The long hours, working away from home and physical fatigue all takes its toll, not only on the operatives work life but also on their family life too. Construction Sport has been founded by experienced construction operatives who understand the demands in this tough industry. Today we will talk with Construction Sport Founder Steven Kerslake who is transforming the way we talk about & deal with mental health in construction.

How to Survive and Thrive during a Recession

A recession is a big worry on construction business owners minds right now! It can be a very stressful time! Here are some important tips that can help prepare and ensure you survive a potential recession.

The 5 Pillars to Growth

Identify the 5x key things you should be working on to grow your business successfully.

The Perfect Site Setup

Why are you not making as much money as you could be on some of your projects? This can be a real source of frustration! in this episode we will break down why this is happening and what we can do to stop this happening in future projects!

Can I Sell my Construction Business

Can you sell your construction business? Why are you wanting to sell your construction business? There are many reasons, but what needs to be done to sell your business? In this weeks podcast we will go into what exactly is needed

How to free up 1 day per week

Do you want to free up at least 1 day a week, to do things you enjoy – playing golf, taking the kids to school, going for lunch with your partner ? If so, you need to make this happen, no one will do it for you. In this weeks episode, we will discuss exactly how to do that! If you’d like help growing your business join my private Facebook group – https://m.facebook.com/groups/constructiontradesaccelerator

Building a $32m electric empire with Mike Agugliaro

Join us in this interview with Mike Agugliaro. Mike has been able to successfully scale many businesses, as well as successfully selling a $32m electrical company. As owners of Construction companies, we have so much we can learn from Mike and in this episode, we will learn the secrets of what it take to grow a $32Million empire! If you’d like help growing your business join my private Facebook group-https://m.facebook.com/groups/constructiontradesaccelerator If you’d like to discuss fast-tracking your results, book in a free call-https://calendly.com/develop-coaching/10-minute-call

Mortgages & Marketing with Gary Das

Gary Das, owner of ‘Active’, Specialises in helping self employed businesses get mortgages and finance. He also owns ‘Financial Pro’ which is a training and coaching company for financial and service based businesses! With his years of experience, there is a lot of learn in this weeks episode!

Houzz Pro with Andrew Small

Houzz is the worlds leading platform for home design, home renovation and construction, so how can joining Houzz benefit you and your company? In this episode we will be talking to Andrew Small, one of the leading directors in the UK.

Part 2 - 7 tips to grow your business with Tim Charles

Part 2 – As a highly advanced accountant Tim Charles has seen the highs and lows of many businesses he has worked with over the years. In part 2 of this podcast will go through the remaining 4 of 7 tried and proven tips to grow your business.

Part 1 - 7 tips to grow your business with Tim Charles

Part 1 – As a highly advanced accountant Tim Charles has seen the highs and lows of many businesses he has worked with over the years. In part 1 of this podcast will go through the first 4 of 7 tried and proven tips to grow your business.

Property Development with Bryn Little

Property is an aim for a lot of those who are in the construction industry. Bryn and his family has been in the property development industry for 3 generations and have a deep knowledge into the highs and low, hints and tip and potential pitfalls.

Recruitment Techniques with Stephanie Buck

Stephanie has got a wide range of experience when it comes to business, she has successfully grown businesses herself, she has also worked with some of the global leading organisations to help them with their HR and strategies as well as helping smaller businesses. In this weeks episode, we will talk about everything from HR to recruitment, all to help your business grow.

Active Campaign with Ernie Santeralli

Customer relations is extremely important within your construction business, During this episode, we will be speaking with Ernie and learning exactly what is active campaign and how it can benefit your company

Benefits of Federation Master Builders with Hayley Lorimer

Why is it beneficial to become a member of the federation of master builders? For todays podcast special, we will be talking with director of membership services – Hayley Lorimer, about all that is involved in being a member and the benefits you can enjoy.

Digital marketing with Apprentice finalist Michaela Wain

All things marketing and Digital are becoming more and more relevant in todays world, and to get ahead of the competition, you need to be at the top of your game! Michaela is an entrepreneur who runs a successful marketing business in the construction industry. We will discuss all things digital, from your website to your social media.

Tax breaks and funding with William & Petko

We are all coming out of the pandemic, and at this moment we are having a mini boom! But we may need a bit of help and support in order to grow or just get out the back end of the effect from Covid! William and Petko are here to help those who need financially, what tax breaks and schemes are available for those in the construction industry .

Peak Performance with Vinnie Vecchio

Getting yourself to perform at the absolute best is essential for the growth of your business, If you look after yourself, your business will benefit greatly. With the help of or special guest Vinnie Vecchio, we will discuss that in todays Podcast

Branding with Sapna Pieroux

Working along with entrepreneurs and companies, Sapna Pieroux is an expert in branding. Why is branding important for your company? This and more will be discussed in this Podcast special!

Understanding your numbers

What is a profit and loss report and what should be in there. In your business you want to be earning profitably, over 50% of businesses fail within the first 5 years. If you want to succeed and not be part of those statistics, then this is the podcast for you!

The Importance of Goal Setting

Imagine heading off on a long car journey that you’ve never travelled before. Your destination is hundreds of miles away, the roads are unfamiliar, maybe even a bit dangerous, and you just set off without setting up the sat nav or looking at a map. You know roughly what direction you’re heading in, but you don’t have an exact location and no definite idea of how to get there. Embarking on such a journey would seem a bit crazy, but that’s what many business owners are doing day in, day out. They have started up a business, have a general idea of how much they want to earn or broadly what they want to achieve, but have no exact end goal in mind and no detailed plan of how to get there. In this podcast we will discuss the importance of setting goal!

Welcome to the "Develop Your Construction Business" Podcast!

Are you looking to take your scale construction business? Do you crave expert advice and actionable tips to tackle challenges and boost growth? Look no further! Welcome to the “Develop Your Construction Business” Podcast, your go-to resource for all things construction business-related.

Why Should I Listen to a Construction Podcast?

You might be wondering, “Why should I tune in to yet another construction coaching podcast?” Well, we get it. There’s a sea of content out there, but we’re not your average construction podcast. We’re not here to bore you with industry jargon or generic advice. Our mission is crystal clear: to empower YOU, the construction business owner, with practical strategies, real-world experiences, and the confidence to succeed.

At “Develop Your Construction Business,” we take a fresh and personalised approach to address the specific challenges faced by construction entrepreneurs like you. We understand the unique dynamics of the construction industry, from managing projects and teams to navigating regulations and fostering client relationships. Our episodes are crafted with YOU in mind, delivering relevant and actionable content that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

With each episode, we aim to inspire and equip you to face the ever-changing landscape of the construction business confidently. Our conversations with industry experts and successful business owners offer an authentic glimpse into what it takes to build and grow a thriving construction business. Whether you’re a newcomer to the industry or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find invaluable insights to enhance your decision-making and leadership skills.

Our commitment to your growth extends beyond the podcast. We actively engage with our community, offering ongoing support, resources, and a space to connect with like-minded peers. “Develop Your Construction Business” is not just a construction podcast; it’s a journey towards your construction business’s extraordinary success.

Greg Wilkes

Meet Your Host, Construction Business Coach Greg Wilkes:

I’m your host, Greg Wilkes, and I’ve been in the construction industry for years. I am a successful business owner, author, property developer and strategist. Just like you, I’ve faced hurdles and uncertainties on my journey. But guess what? I’ve also turned failures into triumphs and setbacks into incredible successes. Now, I’m on a mission to share my knowledge and experiences with YOU. I use my expertise to make sure you can learn from my mistakes rather than your own.


I’ve always believed in the power of learning from others and investing in personal growth. That’s precisely why I’m so excited to connect with incredible construction business owners like yourself through this podcast. I’m here to offer practical advice, insights, and a shoulder to lean on when you need it most. Together, we’ll celebrate your wins and tackle your challenges, hand in hand.


Remember, you’re not alone on this journey. As part of the “Develop Your Construction Business” community, you’ll find a supportive network of like-minded entrepreneurs who share the same passion for growth and excellence. We’re in this together, and together, we’ll achieve extraordinary results.


So, as we dive into each episode, get ready to unlock the secrets of construction business success. My commitment to you is to provide valuable, actionable content that you can apply to your own business from day one. Get ready to embrace the future with confidence, to turn challenges into stepping stones, and to make your construction business dreams a reality.

What You'll Gain from "Develop Your Construction Business" Podcast:

So, what’s in it for you? A lot! Here’s what you can expect from our podcast:


  1. Actionable Insights: We’ll dive deep into the nitty-gritty of construction business challenges and opportunities, offering actionable insights that you can implement right away.
  2. Expert Guests: Get ready to hear from industry experts, successful construction business owners, and professionals who have mastered their craft. They’ll share their wisdom, mistakes, and victories, providing you with invaluable lessons.
  3. Real Stories: We love sharing real stories of construction business owners who faced adversity and emerged stronger. You’ll find inspiration and encouragement from their journeys.
  4. Problem-Solving Sessions: Our podcast will address your burning questions and pressing concerns. Have a specific topic you want us to cover? Reach out, and we’ll tackle it together.
  5. Growth Strategies: Whether you’re a startup or a seasoned pro, we’ve got growth strategies tailor-made for YOUR construction business.
  6. Tips for Overcoming Challenges: We’ll explore the common challenges faced by construction business owners and provide practical solutions to overcome them.
  7. Motivation and Support: Building a construction business can be tough, but you’re not alone! We’re here to keep you motivated, support you through the tough times, and celebrate your successes.

How to Tune In and Join the "Develop Your Construction Business" Community:

Listening to our podcast is easy! You can find us on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. Simply search for “Develop Your Construction Business” and hit that subscribe button. It’s free, and you’ll never miss an episode!

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The “Develop Your Construction Business” Podcast is here to be your ally, your supporter and your trusted guide on this exciting journey. Together, we’ll overcome challenges, celebrate victories, and develop your construction business to its fullest potential.


So, let’s embark on this adventure together! Hit that play button and let the learning and growing begin.


Remember, success is within your reach, and we’re here to help you make it a reality. See you on the airwaves!

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