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A 12-month course to help high-growth construction companies grow between a £1m-£5m highly profitable business. Ideal for hardworking, growth-hungry business owners ready to accelerate their business.

Who is this course for?

Greg has over 25 years of experience within the construction sector creating multi-million-pound companies from scratch. He knows the pain points you will hit when scaling a business and can help you with the strategies to sail through them or avoid them altogether.

Reach your business goals as never before!

This is a group coaching course with like-minded people, there is more power in many brains. You will be joining a community of hungry to succeed construction business owners just like you. Surrounding yourself with the right influence and the right people will help you thrive.
You will be part of a private Facebook group where you can bounce your ideas, challenges and wins with one another.


On the mastermind course, you will also have one on one time with Greg.
To qualify you must be in construction and willing to put the work in to do what it takes to succeed.

// Create a business between £1-£5m turnover

// Scale your business profitably

// Join a community of like-minded professionals

Step 1

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This course is for companies turning over at least 300k

What will you learn?

The Focus of this course will be
on 5 key strategies

Plan - We’ll develop a rock solid plan that works for you & your lifestyle. We’ll show you the key metrics that we closely measure to ensure you hit your profit targets
Attract - The key to success is attracting your ideal projects & clients. We’ll help you master your brand & external perception that massively improve your lead flow. We’ll also come up with bespoke marketing strategies that will have you inundated with leads without spending a fortune on ads.
Convert - Now you have an influx of leads, we need to improve your conversion rate. We will show you how to win your ideal clients whilst charging premium prices.
Deliver - We want your business running like a well oiled machine. From the best software to use & training on how to run your projects efficiently, we’ll stop you firefighting & show you how to stay in complete control.
Scale - From finding & attracting the best employees to contracts, compliance & culture. We’ll show you the ideal company structure once you start to scale & how to leverage & get the best out of your staff.

About Me

Greg Wilkes

Greg Wilkes has extensive experience in the construction industry. He is also a highly successful business owner, author, property developer and strategist. He has been through all the highs and lows of the industry, and now uses his expertise to make sure you can learn from his mistakes rather than your own.