Expand your decorating business to attain a turnover in the multi-million pound range

Decorating Business Coach

Scale quickly, without burnout

Enjoy the fruits of your labour

Make the best use of your time

Develop processes that enable swift business growth

You're keen to expand your painting and decorating business, could a decorating business coach work? Do these challenges sound familiar? …

You don’t have the systems in place to scale quickly

You have heard commercial work is lucrative but don’t know how to get a foot in the door.

You want larger projects but don’t know where to find them

You can’t find decent painters & decorators to work for you

You are too snowed under as it is to add more onto your plate

There is no clear plan of how to reach your goals

You have the potential for a highly profitable business while maintaining a healthy work-life balance with the help of a Decorating Business Coach

I used to be frustrated when I worked ridiculous hours, and I never felt that I was making any real progress.

My business was growing, but not in the direction I wanted, I was exhausted, and my goals always seemed just out of reach.


I’ll share the strategies that helped me, and all the other decorating business owners I’ve coached, build thriving businesses with revenues ranging from £1M to £5M+

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How can Develop Coaching help you?

  • With Greg’s DEVELOP coaching programmes you will :

3 simple steps to scaling your decorating business

Step 1

Book in a Scale Session™️

Step 2

The Freedom Roadmap™

Step 3


Our promise to you...

No long-term contract to work with us until you are convinced it's working for you.

We promise to build a profitable plan that's bespoke for you. It will fit in with your lifestyle, goals & personality.

We work with you, week on week to ensure that we hit your goals.

In what ways will your life be transformed by using a decorating business coach?

Never again will you be in a situation where subcontractors earn more than you do!


It’s not too late to take control and realise the potential of your decorating business.


What's included with using a decorating business coach:

  1. A tailored roadmap for your decorating business to help you achieve significant successes within the initial 90 days. We’ll also define your long-term goals spanning 5-10 years, providing a clear roadmap to reach them.

  2. Once we identify your Right Next Thing™, we will guide you through the precise strategies, enabling you to implement them effortlessly.

  3. Ongoing monitoring and review of your decorating business’s Profit & Loss statements to ensure consistent profitable growth month after month. We maintain momentum by continuously collaborating with you to enhance various aspects of your business.
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