Double Your Profits Workshop

In this masterclass you’ll learn how to IMPROVE and RETAIN more profit in your Construction Business.

Thursday 3rd August 10am (GMT)


Learn the five secrets to more profit: 

Cash Accounting 

Flip the Equation 

Digital Envelopes 

Trim the fat 

Pay the Best First

You'll learn how to:

Trim the fat in the business – Learn what to cut & what to spend on

Manage cashflow so you never have to struggle to pay suppliers

Stop paying yourself last – You’ll be first from now on

Key numbers to track to make managing cash easy

With this strategy, you could go from £50k – £100k+ in profit this year.

No more regrets.

No more getting to the end of the year and your accountant telling you that you have no money left to take as a bonus. 

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Greg Wilkes

Greg Wilkes

Greg has been in the construction industry for over 20+ years. He’s been through the highs & lows of what it takes to build a highly successful construction company.


So he set about writing his Amazon #1 best seller : Building Your Future- A step by step guide to creating a £1m+ construction company.


The book really resonated with construction company owners and it organically led him to start mentoring and coaching other growth-hungry business owners.


Greg is still property developing, but his main passion is ensuring other construction company owners achieve the same results he did; more time,
more freedom and more money from their business.

Global Awards Winner