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Building Your Future: A Step by Step Guide to Building a £1m-£5m+ Construction Business

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About the Author - Greg Wilkes

Greg, the founder of Develop Coaching, is an expert in helping construction businesses successfully scale from £1m – £5 m+. 


With a passion for entrepreneurship and a deep understanding of the construction industry, Greg has developed a proven strategy for growth and success.


Greg has experienced and understands the pain of a business failure, but he didn’t stop there. After scaling his next business to £1.5 million in just 12 months, Greg recorded all his principles and strategies into a best-selling book. 


Now, as a business coach and author, and a founder of multiple million-dollar companies, Greg is on a mission to positively impact the lives of 1,000 construction business owners and their families by helping them achieve more time, freedom, and money through improved business practices.

" I understand your problem, I was once in the same position as you.

My business was expanding, but not at the rate I wanted it to. I was working all the hours under the sun but not achieving the results that I wanted to.

Have a look at my story where I share my strategies that helped me and many I have coached achieve an award-winning thriving construction business with revenues between £1m-£5m+