Building a Strong Construction Team: Tips for Successful Recruiting with Gaelle Blake

Here we discuss – How to get your passion back for construction – Why company culture is so important – How to encourage young people into construction – How far in advance your recruitment plan should be – What happens if someone leaves? – Why a diverse team brings huge benefits

Gaelle Black of Hays recruitment is an expert in what it takes to hire the best talent for your construction business.

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How to Scale a Team Rapidly in the Philippines - With Kody Thompson

In this insightful episode of our podcast, we sit down with Kody Thompson, founder of wrkpod, a company specialising in helping businesses scale by leveraging Filipino talent. We delve into the practicalities and advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines, discussing everything from cost benefits to the diverse skill sets available. Kody shares his personal journey from running a web development company to creating wrkpod, highlighting the strategic benefits of building teams overseas. Join us as we explore how businesses can expand quickly and cost-effectively by tapping into the global workforce, understand the cultural nuances of working with Filipino teams, and get practical advice on overcoming common outsourcing challenges. Whether you’re interested in enhancing your business’s capabilities or curious about the outsourcing process, this episode is packed with valuable insights. Links: – https://www.lightningsites.com/ – https://www.wrkpod.com/ – News Article

Prepare to Sell Your Business with Chris Dufey

In this podcast episode, Greg sits down with Chris Dufey, a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully navigated the complex journey of selling his construction business. Chris opens up about the challenges and triumphs of exiting his company for a significant profit and how this experience propelled him into starting a new venture. He delves into the critical steps required to prepare a business for sale, emphasizing the importance of alignment between personal life goals and business objectives. Chris provides listeners with invaluable advice on recognizing the right time to move on and how to smoothly transition to new opportunities. The conversation also covers strategies for maintaining balance between personal aspirations and business endeavors, focusing on key areas such as wealth, health, relationships, and wisdom. This episode offers a wealth of practical insights and inspirational stories for business owners contemplating selling their business or anyone looking to navigate life’s chapters with purpose and alignment. Links: https://www.chrisdufey.com/ https://open.spotify.com/show/7oxA2pHnZ3s2hPY60ZhVl7

5 Numbers to 5m with Gavin Smith the Profit Analyst

In this podcast, we discuss an in-depth conversation with Gavin Smith, an expert in financial management and analysis for construction businesses. The primary focus is on overcoming common financial hurdles such as cash flow issues and understanding profit and loss statements, aimed at enabling business owners to scale their operations effectively. Gavin Smith’s career spans over 20 years, initially in accounting and auditing with KPMG, followed by commercial finance roles in a global marketing agency, and finally as an entrepreneur in Australia, starting businesses in hospitality and Pilates studios. His unique approach combines technical accounting skills with practical business ownership experience, offering a distinctive perspective on financial management. We delve into the necessity for construction businesses to be proficient in managing their numbers, emphasising the importance of cash flow forecasting, profit understanding, and making strategic decisions based on financial insights. Gavin Smith outlines a three-part strategy focusing on simplifying financial data, knowing the crucial numbers to track, and effectively using this information to guide business decisions. He criticises the profit-first methodology for oversimplifying financial management and discouraging a deep understanding of financial statements. By presenting a simplified approach to financial analysis, including categorising expenses into five key areas and utilising ratios for performance benchmarking, Gavin advocates for empowering business owners with the knowledge and tools to use their financial data proactively. This approach aims to support business growth, strategic planning, and operational adjustments based on a thorough understanding of one’s financial position. Links: www.theprofitanalyst.com

Overcoming deep insecurities with Jaemin Frazer

In this podcast, we delve into the transformative journey of overcoming personal insecurities with Jaimen Frazer, founder of The Insecurity Project. Frazer, once a church pastor turned life coach, shares his profound insights into identifying and dismantling the deep-rooted insecurities that hold many back from their true potential. With a seven-step framework, he guides listeners through a pragmatic approach to not just manage, but solve insecurities that often stem from childhood narratives. This episode not only promises to uncover hidden fears but also offers actionable strategies to rewrite one’s story, leading to a life unhindered by doubt, fear, and insecurity. Frazer’s journey from discovering his own insecurities to developing a model for others to overcome theirs is not just inspirational but a testament to the solvable nature of what many assume to be a perpetual struggle. Get ready to explore the depths of personal transformation with an expert who’s devoted his life to empowering individuals to live their best, most secure lives. Links: Unhindered. The seven essential practices for overcoming insecurity. The insecurity test for life The insecurity test for business.