The Perfect Week with Emma Mills

Join us for an exciting episode with Emma Mills from MyPA! Learn how to design the perfect week and discover the amazing benefits of hiring virtual assistants (VAs) and personal assistants (PAs). Emma shares easy tips on planning your week, managing your time, and getting more done. Find out how virtual working has changed during COVID-19 and how it helps businesses find great talent from anywhere. See how delegating tasks to VAs and PAs can make you more productive and free up your time for important work. Emma also gives practical advice on identifying tasks to delegate and protecting your time to focus on your goals. Don’t miss Emma’s expert tips and resources to help you win your week and grow your business. Tune in now!

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Websites that POP with Angie Wilkes

Join us in this exciting episode of “Websites that POP” with Angie Wilkes from Construct Virtual! Discover how to transform your website into a client magnet. Angie shares her secrets on creating stunning, high-converting websites using the powerful StoryBrand framework. Learn why good design matters, how to highlight your clients’ needs, and the best ways to make your business stand out online. Whether you’re a construction company or any business owner, this episode is packed with tips to help you attract the right clients and grow your business. Don’t miss out on Angie’s expert advice—tune in now and get ready to make your website pop!

How to Succeed as a Dadpreneur - With Carl Taylor

Join us in this episode of “How to Succeed as a Dadpreneur” as we sit down with Carl Taylor, founder of Dadpreneur and a seasoned entrepreneur. Carl reveals his secrets to balancing the demanding roles of a father, husband, and business owner. Discover how he transformed his business, Automation Agency, to run with minimal involvement, and learn his strategies for managing business operations, nurturing relationships, and maintaining personal health and wealth. Packed with practical advice and engaging anecdotes, this episode is a must-listen for any entrepreneurial dad looking to achieve success in both business and family life. Don’t miss out on Carl’s invaluable insights and actionable tips to help you thrive as a Dadpreneur!

Are you a terrible leader - with Sondra Norris

Is your business struggling and you can’t figure out why? Join us in this week’s episode as we chat with leadership expert Sondra Norris, who shares her secrets on how to become a better leader and truly inspire your team. Discover the common pitfalls, the power of self-awareness, and practical tips to turn your leadership around. Don’t miss Sondra’s incredible stories and insights that can transform your business! Tune in now for an eye-opening conversation that could change the way you lead!

How to Scale a Team Rapidly in the Philippines - With Kody Thompson

In this insightful episode of our podcast, we sit down with Kody Thompson, founder of wrkpod, a company specialising in helping businesses scale by leveraging Filipino talent. We delve into the practicalities and advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines, discussing everything from cost benefits to the diverse skill sets available. Kody shares his personal journey from running a web development company to creating wrkpod, highlighting the strategic benefits of building teams overseas. Join us as we explore how businesses can expand quickly and cost-effectively by tapping into the global workforce, understand the cultural nuances of working with Filipino teams, and get practical advice on overcoming common outsourcing challenges. Whether you’re interested in enhancing your business’s capabilities or curious about the outsourcing process, this episode is packed with valuable insights. Links: – https://www.lightningsites.com/ – https://www.wrkpod.com/ – News Article